27/F. Porn addict with nympho tendencies. I love sex and everything about it. I'm a switch who tends more toward the submissive side. Here you'll find the many things that turn me on. Everything about me is NSFW so 18+ only, please.

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juicysowner asked
Is that you in your avatar sub


Anonymous asked
You're so fucking sexy, I just want to tongue punch you in the fart box

well, that’s a refreshing change from the usual “hey do u have kik” xD

Anonymous asked
i bet you swallow the penis whole dontcha.

abso-fucking-lutely. bet you wish someone would swallow your penis, dontcha. 

kamipatriot asked
I love your blog, it's awesome and makes me horny, but I have a question for you and it is about that why girls refuse to do anal at first but in the middle of the sex they beg for it and want like a little whore

Your first mistake is probably associating girls who like anal with whores…maybe a bit off-putting if you bring up the topic beforehand. Though, I’ve never personally run into this situation, it’s likely they just become more turned on, and their inhibitions fall away as they begin to enjoy themselves.